Fort Collins Happy Hour App – Find specials, deals, and patios

Fort Collins Happy Hour App – Find specials, deals, and patios

We are very happy to announce the release of out new mobile Fort Collins happy hour app!

The HHAP Fort Collins mobile app is a free resource for finding your next happy hour spot. Fort Collins has an amazing selection of bars and restaurants, however, with over 600 locations to choose from it can also be a bit overwhelming.  The HHAp Fort Collins was developed as an easy resource for finding deals and specials around Fort Collins.

The color coded bars make it easy to see what deals are currently going on.
Find locations using the live map feature

The HHAP Fort Collins allows users to find food and drink deals in their area. Users can filter the over increasing list of locations (over 160 at the time of release) by location, type of deals, and amenities such as outdoor seating, pet friendly establishments, locations with children’s food deals, and ease of parking. The status of a venue’s deals is displayed through colored pins and bars. There is no charge for using the app or for venues to be included in the HHAp listing.

You can download the app from here or here.

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